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Name for a Nonprofit Related to Senior Care and Education

Domain Name Contest created 6 years ago


Name for a Nonprofit Related to Senior Care and Education

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I am writing a book, developing a training program, and advocating for a better vision of senior living and care. The nonprofit is going to be set up initially to provide free training to family caregivers by selling the training to hospitals, long term care facilities, agencies and college programs that prepare students for a healthcare profession. The company will be working on a future vision for senior living and care that will be an answer to so many of the current issues as well as a huge savings to the elderly and healthcare costs. The book and training program are titled "Behind the Old Face", with the focus of changing the perception of the elderly so treatment and care will improve. If anyone comes up with a great name for the nonprofit that I use, they will receive a free signed copy of the book when it's published.
The website for the book is being redone, but you can better understand what it's all about by going to www.behindtheoldface.com

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Keyword suggestions: Seniors / Senior / Care / Eldercare / Assisted / Living

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