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Tech Support

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I run a computer repair business that repairs PC. Laptops etc. As IT equipment gets cheaper by the year it’s becoming disposable. Break/fix is a dying business. It’s going the same way as TV and watch repairs!

What is a growing part of my work and something no-one seems to be doing is providing advice and support.

Tech today changes so fast it leaves my users more confused and with more questions than ever before. And nothing ever comes with a manual.

I am going to build a brand to cater to helping users setup and use their tech. A service to answer all those annoying things that seems so hard to do, and they have no one to ask. Have fun with the names, computer repair sites seem to be so boring and stale. domains preferred,

Naming rules

Simple and clear, easy to pronounce and spell. Have a visual element to the name One that doesn’t frame my business into a box. Humorous, evokes emotion, meaningful to what the business does.

Domain Name:
Only available domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: computer support tech help
Examples:, doesn’t limit it to a particular service and has a visual element that makes it easier to remember. Geeksquad, dated but fun and says what they do. I don’t want anything with geek in the name…
Words to Avoid:


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