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We are looking for a name for a service that could be described as a „virtual country for freelancers or independent professionals“. This unique service would allow them to launch their business without registering with authorities in any particular country, get a bank account, full accounting support, and many other support services. The name shall not necessarily refer to the features of the service but rather communicate the values of freedom, independence, being non-restrained, having no boss, being cool and special, belonging to the future, etc. The preferred name should sound well if used in conjunction with the words „nation“, „country“, „land“, „republic“,“ tribe“, „community“ etc. Those words could be used as part of the name as well. The name shall correspond to the following criteria: 1. It shall be catchy, but professional; 2. It can be edgy; 3. It can be a made-up word; 4. It shall be pronounceable and not too foreign at least in English but preferably also Spanish, French and German; 5. Preferably no longer than three syllables; 5. Preferably unique (to be able to have unique search results). Domain Name: Only available domains can be suggested, .com, .co, .io preferred but the other prime domains could be offered as well.

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  • thought you wanted something global ?

    Posted 2 months ago by DinoLittle Pro