Website Name for an Online Store for Selling Graphic Templates

Website Name for an Online Store for Selling Graphic Templates close

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We are building an online store for selling creative graphic templates, such as: Presentation Templates, Fonts, Print Templates, Etc. Here's some more info based on a previous briefing: Tell us about your customers: Freelancer, Corporate, Agency, Designers who need presentations, fonts, print templates, layout designs, etc. Want a .com URL?: Yes, The Domain should exactly match the name. For example the brand name is Canva, so it will be Additional Details: The name must be unique, and creative, such as: graphic, design, pixel, creative or templates. The domain name must be a .com Are there any examples of names that you like?: Canva, Google, Pixelo, Pexels, Graphicriver, Graphicspaces, SlidesGo, Wix Any specific keywords or ideas that the names should include?: Doesn't have to, but think of words like graphic, pixel, creative, design, template What Style or Character should the brand convey? Trendy but professional, simple and catchy Primary country for the brand or business: United States , Europe Names We Don’t Like: Anything with a negative connotation Maximum number of letters: We prefer a short name, but we're open to all good ideas

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