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Hi im looking for a Brand Name for my Domain sales website. I have hundreds of domains and i want to collect and provide them under one roof. Where you can bid, buy the names and so on. Must be .com Love this kind of Branding name (cost $6000 to get) So im looking for alternatives that are free and i need your help to find free domains that i can build my brand on.. This is a similar site that i am building P.S The shorter the better Thanks

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  • added some more kw

    Posted 3 years ago by Jim      

  • Pronounceable is importent guys.. easy to speak and spell

    Posted 3 years ago by Jim      

  • Look at this link

    These kind of name is also cool if you can pronounce it and spell it well

    Posted 3 years ago by Jim      

  • Hello Jim,

    I'd like some clarification; are you looking for a name for your website? Or for domain names to add to your already existing website?

    Thanks in advance!




    Posted 3 years ago by Keke