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Hi im looking for a Brand Name for my Domain sales website. I have hundreds of domains and i want to collect and provide them under one roof. Where you can bid, buy the names and so on. Must be .com Love this kind of Branding name (cost $6000 to get) So im looking for alternatives that are free and i need your help to find free domains that i can build my brand on.. This is a similar site that i am building P.S The shorter the better Thanks

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    Dijawa posted 1 year ago

    • Dijawa : Since no one is going to pay $6000 for the other one, you'll be the only one using the word namechef ;) Do you have domains on BB and BR? Have you seen the newest market yet? Pretty cool because you can handle most extra's yourself and forwarding to the site (which is mandetory on BB/BR give you a discount in the sales fee but is not a must, and you can still list on other sites as well). Listing is free ;)
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