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We are designing a name in an nontraditional fashion, a we have a mark/logo that we have that we very much enjoy. The name originally intended we found at a later date is very close to another group in the same market space so we decided to try to get creative. Target audience is higher end collectors of comics and related art to that, this is a private collective and not open to the public as a whole. This is invite only but we do plan to a few times during the year release special invites and/or items related to the group. The original name we went with is Black Mask Collective, however as stated an agency in this market has a very similar name so we decided to go a different direction. The mark itself was originally loosely based around an owl with green eyes for envy, which this direction could be used as well. We would like to stick to using collective however that can be very long in a domain name so an abbreviation is good as well and domain hacks are not a problem. We are more focused on the name of the group/collective itself and the domain name just be a placeholder. Link To Logo:

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