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The purpose of the organization is to restore ecosystems through Sustainable Reforestation and Organic Recycling of restaurant waste. We are focusing on areas that suffer from traditional small-holder farming techniques - sometimes you would not believe you are in a lush, abundant tropical country when you see the desertification and harsh landscape created by deforestation. We want to encourage people to live in a circular way vs. our current linear way of living with its abuse of finite resources. We want to appeal to bigger companies and get them involved in donating as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. We also want to attract volunteers. The idea of combining organic recycling and reforestation is very new in Panama and we want to gain a big following amongst young people and bigger companies TRY USING THE WORD VIRIDITAS LOOKING for a shorter, easier domain name (as in easy to give it out on the phone or in conversation). I love the ideas - keep them coming! FEEL FREE TO USE WORDS THAT ARE NOT IN THE KEYWORDS LIST. ALL IDEAS WELCOME.

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