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Singles Events Website

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A website where single people come to find singles events that are held locally. The events would usually be described as mixer where the attendees would drink and socialise. There could be a theme or a game played to break the ice. This is not a speed dating site. The reason to come to the events would be to socialise and hopefully get somebody's phone number.

This is the site with a domain name we are not happy with:

The name must be a single word and preferably be a dating related word or a variation on that word - for example or or Putting 'e' in front of the name would also be acceptable - example The Domain name does not need to be available but must be available for purchase.

Please do not feel confined by the keywords below - they are just suggestions to help you brainstorm.

Thank you for sending in your ideas!

Domain Name:
Domain name is not required
Keyword suggestions: amour amore aphrodite arouse charming crush date events flirt kiss meet mixers passion romance seduce singles smooch snuggle socials soulmate soulmates spark swoon wink woo


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