Simple Clear Solutions to Restoring/Fixing Your Windows PC

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Simple Clear Solutions to Restoring/Fixing Your Windows PC

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Pick the Perfect Name

I believe when a person sees the website name they should right away have an idea what it might be about. It should also describe the target audience, the benefit, or the theme. this will be a blog with video courses that teaches 30-50 year old Microsoft Windows users with family who literally just want their computer to work right (quickly and efficiently, like new) using a systematic process that breaks everything down by scenario. Another goal of the blog is the give users the confidence to learn and become comfortable using their computers and from having to depend on computer shops. I tried many variations of "transforming" along the lines "transforming your mind" etc...but they ended up either too long or complicated.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: clear computer concise detective guide guru hacker ideas labs pc problemfree thoughts troublefree ultimate
Words to Avoid:
perhaps avoid "windows" in the name as that may attract the wrong audience (carpenters, handymen)


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