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Website Teaching Leadership Skills

Domain Name Contest created 6 years ago


Website Teaching Leadership Skills

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You know how most of us aspire to be better leaders in our personal and professional lives? Well, even though there are hundreds of books you can buy on the topic of leadership right now, there is no concrete, real-life, hands-on guide/program that scientifically measures how great a leader you really are, gives you a work plan for fixing your shortcomings to become a better one, and then holds your hand as you work the plan.

I'm looking to fix that problem... and I need a name for my website that can get a visceral reaction from my target audience, who is anyone that aspires to be a better leader in their personal and/or professional life (business executives, managers, MBA students and grads, entrepreneurs, etc.). When they read the domain name, I want them to feel that this is the one place they can go to become better leaders - so I need a name that conjures up the image of a strong, successful, admired leader, and makes them want to read more.

The name shouldn't be more than 10-15 characters long (no hyphens). Ideally, it would include one of these words in some form: lead, leader, leadership. Alternatively, it can include other words that convey the same meaning but stay true to what the service I'm offering does. On a separate note, I'm trying to avoid similes to animals, fauna, flora, etc..

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: admired aspiring complete concrete extraordinary guaranteed innovative lead leader leadership new powerful scientific strong successful

Winner: InfiniteLeader.com

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