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Hello All

I've spent the last few days trying to think of a name and it's so hard. Not my strong point thinking of a Unique name.

I need a name for an auction website i'm starting which will be auctioning mainly consumer electronics but other things as well colognes, perfumes, shopping vouchers etc.

I'd prefer a brand-able name that is distinctive/unique

  • ideally 1 or 2 syllables
  • it can mean something but doesn't need to mean anything but should sound catchy, memorable, easy to spell and say

A name using 1 or more keywords would also work but i'd much prefer the above.

  • ideally 1/2 syllables, 3 max
  • should sound catchy, memorable, easy to spell and say.
  • the keywords can be blended

I have listed some keywords i have thought of but suggestion shouldn't be limited to this list.

Thanks for all contributions


I'd like the name to be on .com, with all TLD suffixes like, .net, .biz etc not taken.


I want to try an encourage more suggestions, so if at the end there is a name i pick the winner will get £250 credits to spend on my auction site when it launches soon.

Domain Name:
Only available domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: auction bargain bargains bid biddr bids cash cheap deal deals ebid penny pound price quid sale save saving savr shopping win
madbid, bidfrenzy, bidwiz, getthelabel, swoopo

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