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Memorable Name for a Cosmetic Powder

Name Contest created 1 year ago


Memorable Name for a Cosmetic Powder

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I would like to launch (under Enchantie brand) a product with a consistency of a loose powder, providing a great coverage so it can be used on a face instead of 'traditional' creamy or liquid foundations. So it is like foundation in a loose powder form. So on a face it behaves like a normal foundation. It provides great coverage for facial imperfections and for evening out the skin tone.

I would like the name to refer to the good coverage power of the product.

The name of the product should grab attention, be eye-catchy, memorable for a customer, it has to boost curiosity... It has to have a power! :)

And it has to be consistent with the brand philosophy described below.

Brand name: Enchantie

Idea incorporated in the company's name: ENCHANTIE comes from “enchant”. We strongly believe that each day deserves a little bit of fantasy that is why we enchant your senses and guide you to intriguing world full of magic

Main message that should be brought to our clients: Our cosmetics are not just cosmetics. They are the gateway to enchanted, mysterious and intriguing world, they have been attired to allure their look and assume its character, they tell an enchanting story and engage the imagination…A brand itself is an invitation to an intriguing, fascinating and mysterious enchanted place, full of sophistication and beauty... It is an intriguing & fascinating but also there is a whispering, bare sense of danger with dark, whimsical surprises... A little bit like Alice in Wonderland but all grown-up.

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Keyword suggestions: amber
Cover De Luxe, Complexion Perfector, Skin Sanctuary, PRECIOUS VELVET, LOVES LIGHTS, SEAS OF ILLUMINATION, The Ultimate Skin Trinity

Winner: Skin Glory

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