Brand Name for Quality Markers/Pencils/Pens

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Brand Name for Quality Markers/Pencils/Pens

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Pick the Perfect Name

I am interested in a clever brand name for products like Chalk Markers, Coloring Pencils, Coloring pens, Adult coloring books, etc...

I would like to find something very interesting and memorable. Something that we can brand with great imagery. A Pirate, or gun toting cowboy would be something we would love to be able to use with our company name. Use your imagination here and if you have a great idea for a name/imagery then list it when you submit the name.

Our website does NOT need to be the exact name but we need an available .com that we can use that would make sense for the company. an exact company name match is even better. (Pirate Crafts could have for instance)

Examples of names I like: 1)CraftyCroc 2)Panda Paint 3)Dreamation Designs 4)Magical Crafts

Bring me your best! I am excited to see what you guys can do!

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: art arts booty color colour cosmic cowboy craft crafts crazy fantastic frog giraffe gunslinger magic magical monkey panda parrot pirate polar wild crafty treasure gold

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