Social Network for Chefs

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Social Network for Chefs

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Pick the Perfect Name

Thanks everyone for the submissions

please keep in mind these ADDITIONAL GUIDELINES

  • do not use the last consonant of the word to start the second word
  • focus on the concept of open social network: a name I like is openchef which is taken though
  • better short than long names (max 10 characters, but ideally 6-8 is best)


Only .com.

The product will be a social network for people who love and prepare food for others. Chef will have their own social profiles and people can contact them. It's not a business directory though.


  • 1 or 2 words
  • if you go for only 1 word it can be fictional but giving an idea of what the website is about
  • if you choose 2 words they gotta be real words making sense together
  • no articles
  • no prepositions
  • only nouns verbs and adjectives

Emotions to communicate

  • Food Passion
  • Sharing
  • Social
  • Maybe even web 2.0

The name SHOULD contain the word CHEF, UNLESS you come up with a great alternative. To do that you might use:

  • kitchen tools (spoon and fork the favorites)
  • food

All this said: if you come up with a great name... whatever :) Just post it and we'll consider it!

Domain Name:
Only available domains can be posted
openchef punchfork


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