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I am starting a business to sell my jewellery. Looking for something short, memorable and easy to remember and spell. It could be descriptive, or a lesser known name or word (please check definitions), or even a made up word. I tend to make things that are fun, playful, sometimes cutesy, aimed at outgoing women in their late 20s-early 30s. Stuff that is conservative enough that you could wear it to work, but that lets your personality shine through. I usually work in silver and use brightly colored stones. I am Canadian, so I'd prefer that if you use the word "jewellery" you spell it that way, not "jewelry".

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    ArgentaJewellery.com (available)

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    appetizers posted 6 years ago

    • oceanlady : Beautiful name, but unfortunately already being used by a few other jewellery companies
    • appetizers : sorry about that, but godaddy said it was available. the same has just been said about argentawear.com and argentaworks.com. since i personally like argenta as well, i'll add both for your appreciation and try my luck. and i after this brain-stretching drill, i may even b brave enough and try to get back to some 'jewelry play' after years and years of idleness...;o) merci!
    • oceanlady : The domains are available, but I googled them and found other companies using the name. Don't want to run into trademark issues. Good luck with your own jewellery!
    • appetizers : agreed, oceanlady. the easier the life, the better the living, isnt it. will luv to find and see your work after the contest is over. will certainly google around (and modesty aside, i'm a good researcher due to my primary job requirements).
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