Name for Local Events Search Engine

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Name for Local Events Search Engine

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I'm looking for a name for a site that allows users to search and discover events & things to do in their area.

The focus of the site is on simplicity - the user enters a location (ex: Los Angeles, CA), distance (ex: 5 miles) and timeframe (ex: this week) and the site will display all the posted events that match.

It's about bringing all those small events that you might see usually only see flyers for (garage sale, local screening/play, or local festivals) and making it easy for people to discover what's going on in their neighborhood. Playing with the idea of "free time" or "spare time" or something like that in the name.

Would ideally like a name that has a little bit of creativity (read: not looking for, and also has a catchy ring to it. Shorter names are preferred too over longer ones. I know that's no small task to come up with so I appreciate all the time and suggestions!

Thank you!

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Keyword suggestions: active activities busy discover discovery easy event explore explorer fiesta finder free fun gung-ho happenings ideas list local neighborhood outdoor outdoors party place point proximity schedule search simple spare spot time todo town unbored vicinity
Hypr Activ, Locus Pocus, un-bored


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