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Data Protection / Privacy Startup

Name Contest created 3 weeks ago

Data Protection / Privacy Startup

Name Contest created 3 weeks ago

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Technology company advancing data privacy / protection / security in a way that's both technically superior while still being easy to use by anybody.

Our products rely on the processing power of your computer along with your mobile devices at the same time to provide a solution like no other currently available.

Core brand pillars:

  1. Approachable (because a lot of technology, particularly encryption and security technology, isn't)

  2. Research and engineering focused (as in, we enjoy the challenge of building better mousetraps to solve tough problems)

  3. Heroic (our products prevent possibly catastrophic data leaks and intrusions in a revolutionary way)

The name must resonate for both individual and business customers alike.

Generally speaking, we want to avoid tying ourselves to a specific technical element.

Names we've internally considered that we like include: cactus, clover, shonin, galapagos, hive, kodi (...and plenty more...). We love what the Japanese word shibui means "balance of simplicity and complexity" because it speaks to what we're doing, we just don't love the way it sounds and that it has a non-obvious spelling.

A .com is not a requirement, however we'd prefer to stick to a mainstream TLD with solid optics (.com, .net, .co, or .io)

Domain Name:
Domain name is not required
Words to Avoid:
words with broken capitalization, encryption, blockchain

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