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Academic Essay Writing Website

Domain Name Contest created 1 year ago


Academic Essay Writing Website

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CLIENT 1: OMG. I have to write a college admission essay and I have no idea what to say so I'm just going to throw up all over the page and submit it and hope for the best. CLIENT 2: I've been putting it off for weeks and now I have to pull an all-nighter to write an academic essay that's due tomorrow. So far, I have a blank page. OUR BUSINESS: We can help! Academic writing does not require you to pull words from the depths of your soul — in fact, it's quite the opposite! Relax. You have all of the information you need in front of you, you just don't know how to organize it into a winning essay. Yet. We'll show you the formulas, techniques, and pitfalls to avoid, and you'll be polishing your essay in no time.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: academic omg
Words to Avoid:
get, online, web, fast, quick, easy, nerd, geek [people label]

Winner: OMGEssayWriting.com

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