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New "Moving Service" Product and Brand

Name Contest created 1 year ago by aloijos

Moving is the single most stressful life event after death and divorce. Our new product helps the 40 million people that move every year.

Our market research indicates that people are stressed by the back-breaking work of getting all their earthly possessions from their old home to the new one. Even more stressful however, is making sure that the lights are on when you get there, internet and TV are connected, and that snail mail is forwarded to the right address.

Our product is a one stop shop website that allows users to update all their accounts with a single click, connect electric service with a click, forward their mail with a click, etc. We tested a few names and "1 click move" was most appealing to the moving population, but we discovered that Amazon has a copyright and patent on "1-click check out."

Common themes that we know are important to our audience (i.e. renters of all kinds who are moving): 1) Getting the move over with (possible names: Moved. Settle. Move On. One Tap Move.) 2) Making the move easy (Easy Move. Move Concierge.) 3) Staying connected (Home Connect. Stay Connect.)

We are wide open to a name that has a strong brand presence. Some examples: Move Ninja (just imagine the art that could go with this!), Mooove (A cow isn't the strongest brand imagery for a non-cheese product), etc etc...

Make it resonate with everyone who relocates. Keep it simple. Make it powerful. Please keep your submissions to two or three syllables (i.e. MoveLogic is good, MoveLogical is too long). Be creative and have fun!

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Keyword suggestions: bemoved / concierge / connected / home / internet / lights / mail / move / moved / quickmove / tv / welcome
Moved Settle BeMoved MoveNinja LightsOn StayConnected OneTapMove MoveThis WelcomeHome

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