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Payment and Customer Loyalty Program Using Biometrics

Domain Name Contest created 5 years ago by cvmiles00

A biometrics-driven virtual platform for payment processing and a loyalty program at all points-of-sale at retails with e-commerce sites and/or actual stores.

A customer can pay for a product or service without requiring any credit, debit or identification card while availing the most beneficial loyalty program(s) for which the Member qualifies.


  • Original names are also welcomed. The names do not need to use any keywords, much less multiple keywords. A combination would be nice (strongly prefer short and 2-4 syllables) but definitely not imperative.

  • Names do not need to be available. I am very willing to purchase an unused domain as well as register a new one.

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: biometrics / face / id / identification / loyalty / payment / recognition / virtual

56 names

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Abion.com More names like this
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FaCento.com More names like this
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Loyaltys.info More names like this
Virtualbio.com More names like this

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