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Keyword Research Service Global Domain Needed

Domain Name Contest created 3 months ago


Keyword Research Service Global Domain Needed

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Hi guys!

UPDATE 5/3/18: Please keep submitting those entries guys. I still don't have a clear winner in my mind!

UPDATE 3/2/18: Just a quick update guys to let you know that I have no clear winning domain in my mind yet! None of the entries are jumping out at me but clearly (with my votes) some are better than others. So just a quick heads up to say keep trying and good luck! If I like it I will definitely let you know in a big way!!

I am launching an SEO keyword research service where I research keywords that Clients should target for their website to rank higher in the search engines and ultimately make more money for their business/company.

I'm totally wide open on what you do. Be as creative as possible! Feel free to rhyme and even create words. Please though no hyphens and I make absolutely no exceptions for that.

Overall I need the domain to not be too long. So if you use "keyword research" and another keyword that probably will be. The word "keyword" ideally needs to be in domain name and at front. This is not compulsory though as it depends on how good the name is. Use suffix if needed as not a fan of prefixes but again you can if you want.

PLEASE NOTE: This is for a .com and global domain only.

Thanks and good luck!

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
keywordo.com (taken)

Winner: KeywordJackpot.com

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