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Business Management Website

Domain Name Contest created 2 years ago


Business Management Website

Pick the Perfect Name

This is my 2nd attempt to find a name; my first attempt put my words to avoid into the keywords list, so most suggestions were opposite of what I was looking for. I'm leaving the keyword and words to avoid section blank to hopefully avoid that mistake this time.

I'm building a website that can manage employees, schedule employees, schedule & book customer appointments, and manage other day to day operations of small businesses (stores, restaurants, home repair contractors, etc)

Services offered to customers:

Appointment scheduling

Employee management

Employee shift scheduling

Customer management

Online marketing

Payment processing

Online sales

Looking for something professional and clever, short enough to be remembered. It has to be appropriate for both the managers or business owners to use to sell the service, but also for employees and customers to remember for checking their schedules or booking appointments.

I'd like to find things not too directly tied to a particular function, it is starting out with schedules and appointments and employee management, but I'm looking to grow it beyond over a short period of time.

Also when looking at words like office, my target customers may not refer to their businesses as an office, as it will be stores, bars, restaurants, massage therapists, etc There aren't a whole lot of words I can think of as alternative for office that are broad sweeping, but just something to keep in mind.

Made up words and misspellings are also fine, as long as they are easy enough to remember. If it is a combination of words, please no more than 2 words. Also please avoid anything with e and i prefixes.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted

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