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Online Marketing Blog/Website

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Hi all,

So I am looking for a name for an online marketing blog/website. It will predominately be be a blog, but will look and feel like a website in its design. Because of this I don't want to have the word 'blog' in the name please.

I'm not just looking for a run of the mill name but something quirky that will grab peoples attention. Something that when they leave the site will remain memorable and improve the chances of a return visit.

It can be funny / bold or edgy / sarcastic / clever / witty - but relating to online marketing in some way. I'm hoping for it to be 2 - 3 words maximum maybe 4 words if they make for a clever term or phrase that works as a name. The blog/site will cover all aspects of online marketing, news, tips, stories, advice and I want to build it as an information resource for marketers everywhere.

Please see here for an extensive list of cool/clever blog/website names to get some ideas/inspiration from.

Unfortunately there are no marketing website examples on this list. However it will give you a good idea of what I'm looking for.

I searching for a .COM only, so if you can think of something good that's available all the better. It might hopefully be a little easier to find . COM domains if the name is a clever phrase rather then just a standard name.

Good luck

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Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: blog digital marketing online website
Please see here -

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