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I need a name for an e-commerce website that will sell prints, framed pictures, canvas by letting you pick from a catalog of unique photos (exclusive rights) and illustrations. The name must be .COM and should be catchy, memorable and easy to pronounce. Having the main keyword in the domain name is not mandatory. Some points: - Most of the images are unique, original or uncommon. -You will not shop thousands of images but a selection, divided by topics (landscapes, architecture, nature), kind (signature photos, portraits, b&w) mood (love, leadership, friendship) or destination (office, kids room, kitchen, living room)... - We have the right wall art for any place: elegant, fine, engaging. - Each picture is something that you will stop by to watch when you enter the room. - Is not about getting a photo like an IKEA stock image of a sunset over the sea. - We have exclusive rights on 100% of the photos and VIP license (not exclusive but not common) on illustrations. Thanks.

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  • I'm not sure if you know this or not, but if you give us feedback you'll receive better names. Please upvote the names you like. Thank you

    Posted 1 week ago by Dawn Pro      

  • Hello CH, please start voting so we get to know the direction you like, thank you.

    Posted 1 week ago by niksnora