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My last name is Little and I want to start an online pet supply store focusing on dogs, cats and other small furry animals. This will be a Canadian/US site that sells pet accessories, home decor, animal (cat and dog beds) and other accessories for the urban mutts. May have a section for the traveling pet (camping, flying, moving etc.)

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  • Help! I'm totally stuck! I'm a huge dog lover, owner of four fur legged bffs, Mastiff, Jack Russell, Westie and a Papillion. My son's favorite person is his Westie Lucy. I'm starting my own business to spend more time with all my family (i work a corporate admin job now!)

    Posted 4 years ago by Elle      

  • Ok thanks sorry I did it late last night and I will do it now!

    Posted 4 years ago by Elle      

  • Thanks for the help everyone! I'm excited at all the great names so far!

    Posted 4 years ago by Elle      

  • Too bad, you removing previous up-votes.

    Posted 4 years ago by DangDut      

  • No security, No trust, No Confidence. I am out. Can't help to contest holder in this way. After 5 days, up vote convert in down vote. How can we add more entry? What's about our effort?

    Posted 4 years ago by Vishal      

  • Hi Elle Please restore my 3 entries back to upvotes. I have pointed out those entries. Please note that when you first upvote an entry to 1 we get $1 for that but now you have downvoted them so earning is lost. Waiting for the restoration!

    Posted 4 years ago by PoWeRoNiCs      

  • Sorry this is my first time using it and I'm still trying to figure out how it works for the people submitting entries!

    Posted 4 years ago by Elle      

  • Hi Elle TWO of my entries are still to be restored: 1. 5th from bottom of the list. 2. 7th from bottom of the list.

    Posted 4 years ago by PoWeRoNiCs      

  • This were up-voted before, please restore,, and


    Posted 4 years ago by DangDut