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Authority on Everything MIND and BODY

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I am creating an Authority Site on everything MIND and BODY fitness. I have a background in cognitive science and Neuro Linguistic Programing, and I am also a personal trainer, health and nutrition coach, and a martial artist/athlete. The message I want to convey is that the old way of looking at the mind and body as separate things is over. With the advent of new technologies we now know that what is good for the mind is good for the body and vice versa. A main topic I will be discussing is Neuroplasticity, and our ability to adapt to what we are doing. We are learning and evolving beings. The Site is going to have serious information, but with a playful voice. There will be information on everything from Focus, Learning, Productivity, Stress management, improving memory, emotional intelligence, to healthy food options, sports and exercise nutrition, building strength, getting ripped, losing weight. Its about optimal performance, being in flow, and living to our highest potential as human beings. Being creative, knowing our Self, adapting, playing, and living in the natural force of wellbeing and abundance.

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Keyword suggestions: abundance adaptation art athlete autonomy awareness balance body coach cognition conscious dedicated ecology effective effortless emotions embodied empower energy enlightened evolution fitness flow focus grit grittiness health high integrated intelligence learning leverage mastery memory mind motivation movement neuroplasticity nutrition optimal peak performance play productivity professional recharge recovery scared science senses/sensory social strength support synchronicity transcendence transformation willpower
MindBodyFit, Evolveintofitness, I keep getting pulled to the words ART or Mastery, if that can fit into something fun and simple would be nice. Evolution or Neuroplasticity are very important concepts for me. Shouldnt be super serious though, simple and fun. Also, since im a personal trainer, i want it to convey some sort of action from the visitors side, its not just info, but actual tools and tactics to be used.


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