Creative Meeting Event Experience Design Consultancy

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Creative Meeting Event Experience Design Consultancy

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Turning a meeting into an experience OR Turning an event into an experience...

I will be the visionary to a consulting business that focuses on taking a business challenge or opportunity and turning it into an experience. No more ordinary meeting or general session - no more power points - no more paying big bucks to hire a meeting planner that has no creative or business knowledge to put together the event from start to end.

Heighten/strengthen the engagement of your associates and increase cross-functional team working relationships by changing your "meeting" or "event" session into a royal experience!

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Keyword suggestions: alicia and are: ava children creative development 20/20 experience green learning london marie opportunity sienna success team music engagement increase engagment visionary no more meetings edge change grow vision eye discover
Your event solutions
Words to Avoid:
please do not use the definition in the tag line - except for the word experience.


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