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Community Focused Discount Computer Retailer

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Our business will offer affordable computers to budget constrained schools, non-profit organizations, businesses and underprivileged communities in US. Proceeds from our sales will be used to offer free computer classes to these communities. Computers will be sold online as well as in stores. Our approach is very community-focused and at the grass-roots level. Name should inspire potential customers to adopt the brand by influencing notions of great amazing value, trust and commitment to their cause. Given that our target market is very ethnically and culturally diverse (primarily latino and african-american), a short, simple, easy to remember phonetic name is best. Also, if proposed name is a multi-word one, I am partial to internal ryhmes (grubhub, iFly, easypc etc...).

Here's an example of a business that is very similar to ours:

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Keyword suggestions: accessible affordable amazing awesome deal bargain discount easy friendly good heart simple soul straightforward trust trustworthy value wow pc computer


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