Creative Operations/Workflow for Retail Marketing Teams

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Creative Operations/Workflow for Retail Marketing Teams

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We make a product for use by Creative and Marketing teams at medium-to-large retailers in the US. It provides several modules-- product photography workflow, digital asset management, creative workflow, marketing calendar The company could someday expand beyond the retail domain but for now retail-specific names are acceptable.

The name should have some notion of the target customers and the usecases/functionality covered. Naming schemes for related modules are also acceptable.

Domains unavailable/parked but FOR SALE with a *listed price, eg through afternic, are also OK and desired!!! **

Names already under consideration:

CreativeFabric MarketingFabric AssetFlow MarketingWorkflow CreativeWorkflow CreateFlow MarkFlow CreativeSKUs FinalSelect SKUCapture SKUCreative RetailFlow MarFlow RetailAssets ItemOps OpsManage CompFlow FinalVersion Markup ProductFlow MerchFlow AssetFabric RetailFabric StoreCreative Metaspan Flowspan CreativeOS MarketingOS MetaGraph Symmeta Immeta Metawoven MetaFlow FlowMeta MetaAsset AssetMeta Assetia MetaTrace MetaStyle AssetCapture Styleout StyleCapture MetaProof ItemCapture AssetProgress CaptureProgress MetaCapture MetaProgress AssetVelocity MetaVelocity AssetCockpit MetaCockpit CreativeCockpit AssetDash MetaDash MetaProcess FinalProcess AssetCadence AssetStatus TaskStatus ContentSpan ImageScale Luminate

Desired domain extensions: .com or .io

Domain Name:
Only available domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: retailbusinessmarketing keywords: retail ecommerce omnichannel cadence marketing vehicles apparel promo data integration pim product home page email social mobile channels multichannel content ecosystem item style sku upc colorway creative ops workflow operations calendar photography mrm project management process production dashboard status progress steps dam digital asset assets supply chain operating system os mam review approval soft proofing feedback wip links metrics metadata capture (photo) rich single source of truth pipeline idea concept brief plan benefit smart fast efficient scalable connected effective collaborative smooth consistent on-time improved comprehensive integrated complete on top control visibility high-throughput velocity clarity consolidated shared conversation advanced sophisticated modern futuristic holistic sustainable magic tagged retrievable optimized organized keywords flow step advance approve submit flag comment collaborate meta graph table find locate aggregate composite
Competitors' names: Conceptshare GlobalEdit Capture Integration Shotflow1 Widen WebDAM Workfront Mediabeacon Marketing ContentHub / Style Labs Censhare Fotoware SAS Marketing Operations Management Teradata Marketing Resource Management Aprimo Thinkamajig DaVinci Teams Celum Cumulus


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