Living Room Show and House Party Network for Performers Including Secret Locatio ..

Living Room Show and House Party Network for Performers Including Secret Locations and Attendees close

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Our website and app connect people with places to see things. For example, we connect fans with living rooms to see folk singers. The site can be used like an AirBnB for a band looking to book unusual venues, like living rooms, across a region for a small tour or a grassroots political campaign. We provide a networking experience to all parties based on a split of ticket sales between the place, like a living room, and the thing, like a folk singer. Another portion or all of the split could go to a charity of other third party, like artist management. What’s the concept? Building a storytelling tradition of gathering folks around the fire. We believe that small groups of people attending powerful experiences is the future of entertainment. Who is going to pay for this? Attendees to the events will pay for tickets and merchandise using our platform. One user could represent a person or attendee, a place or their living room, and a thing or their band in which they play the bongos. Examples: House parties, political speeches, living room concerts, house shows, retail shows, meetups Secret Locations (Place) Examples include living rooms, garages, storage facilities, conference rooms, garages, backyards, parks, swimming pools, dining tables, lake houses Shows/Performers (Thing) Examples include singers, songwriters, bands, other musicians, comedians, improv troupes, spoken word artists, poets, authors, politicians Attendees (Person) A few to several dozen fans or other interested parties who attend the show, friends, families, political participants Third-parties Charities, churches, political organizations, campus groups, parent-teacher organizations Our Name: The name should be ten letters or less and an available dot com. Foreign languages, compound words, made-up words, really any tried and true or nice and new naming technique.

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