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Medium business “ small brand “ need short name like zara , nike , sound good and easy to write . $ And the has meaning $

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  • And be good for Egypt culture

    Posted 1 year ago by OnLy      

  • Hello CH, you just added this part: "that has a meaning" after the contest started and I submitted all made up names as initially requested, so please do not down vote them and just ignore them in case you dislike them. I am not trying to influence your decisions in any way but you altered your request after I submitted entries. Thank you.

    Posted 1 year ago by niksnora Pro      

  • Okay i will do not dislike to your suggested names I’m sorry for writing this part later And you are right now has an opportunity to suggest a name

    Posted 1 year ago by OnLy      

  • Thank you for your understanding. I will contribute more, you jast have to give at least one vote (positive or negative) because we are all limited to 15 entries each untill you start voting. After that we can submit any number of suggestions and you continue voting for your favorite ones. Thanks again.

    Posted 1 year ago by niksnora Pro