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Hello, We are planning to open up an easy but gourmet steak food truck concept. The idea is to challenge the notion that in order to have a good steak one must go to a fancy restaurant. We will be serving smaller portions of steak (120-160g) that have been pre-cut after cooking. The food packaging will make it easy to eat the steak on the go/in your car/on the sidewalk. We will serve thick steak fries, a special salad and our secret sauce with each steak. It will all be conveniently packaged to portray the idea of a fancy but delicately engineered meal. We want to stand out with our name, we want people to know that we are serious about steak and our cooking. The design of the truck/menu/branding/packaging will give off an Al Capone vibe. The concept is being started by two sons and two fathers, who share a love of meat and good steak, it would be nice to incorporate that into our name too, however this is not as important as we are not looking for a long name, 2-3 words would be perfect. The option for a one word name is also there, so please fire away what you've got! Looking forward to hearing back from all of you!

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