Brandable Internet Marketing Blog Name Needed

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Brandable Internet Marketing Blog Name Needed

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Looking to create a brandable internet marketing blog. The blog will cover how to make money online, search engine optimization, reviews on software and services, and many other things that have to do with internet marketing.

I'd prefer something easy to remember and not too long in length. I tried the domain which would stand for "internet marketing ninja" but it is already taken.

I would like to use a name that could have a little blog mascot attached to it. That is why I had originally tried ninja because I could have had a characacher drawn of a ninja that could be like a blog mascot.

It doesn't have to be a ninja, that is just an example.

Even something like a cartoon brain could be a cool mascot.

Pretty much anything brandable, creative and easy to remember that would fit well with the theme of the blog.

Open to all ideas and suggestions

REMEMBER It doesn't have to be a ninja! That was just an example from something I thought about originally.


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Keyword suggestions: im internet marketing
imninja, theimninja


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