Health **EDIT - See Notes

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Health **EDIT - See Notes

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**EDIT to CONTEST Almost all of the suggested names are functionally descriptive. Let's move to a different direction. It would be great if the name suggested the desired outcome of the user. For example, there is a business coach with the domain/business name "Uncaged Life". I know it's not SEO friendly, but it is User impacting. Please brainstorm in this direction.

Online learning experience aimed at developing individual philosophies and practices about how to take care of their body. This is not a traditional textbook-style or instructor-lecture type of experience. Nor is it exclusive in ideologies, though it is essentially plant-based in nature. It is an introduction of ideas, facilitating interaction, experimentation and digestion. Participants interact with each other, for both support and to broaden understanding. Individuals determine, based on the information presented, if/how they will implement the ideas.

Modules provide opportunities for individuals to learn, watch, read, eat, heal, move, discuss....

Target audience: adults (with or without kids) seeking healthy lifestyle, weight loss, diabetics, mental health, pain relief or any of the common/chronic diseases (cancer, cardiac, autoimmune,etc)

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: **see discussion notes
Seeking a name that is experiential (human experience) or evocative (evokes position rather than services). The name should look/sound good, demonstrate energy/humanity/positioning. I prefer a name that is no more than 12 letters. 9 or fewer letters is considered the Goldilocks zone.
Words to Avoid:
I do NOT want a name that is functional, with low level of engagement, easy to forget or already saturated in this industry. I do not want a name that is difficult to spell.

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