Youtube Channel Name for Collective of Musicians

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Youtube Channel Name for Collective of Musicians

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Hi everyone!

We are a collective of musicians who owns a YouTube Channel. We are trying to find an interesting name for our group but it's hard to come up with something original that is not already been used by other bands. We know that we want the word "Factory" in it, and it must be composed by maximum 2 words (eg. Wave Factory) or 3 words (eg. Wave Music Factory).

Things to take into consideration:

1) the word other than "factory" should be ideally related to music, art or creativity (and it could be anything really, as long as it's related to these concepts)

2) the overall name must convey a feeling of energy, creativity, freedom and experimentation

3) we could consider other words replacing "factory" like "lab" (even if we would prefer to keep the name "factory")

4) we don't need the name to be a free domain since we are not planning to open a website

5) Could it be possible to have new suggestions maintaining "Wave Factory" and adding a word before? eg. Audio Wave Factory

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for your help!


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