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A webiste where I give people the resources and recommended stuff to improve the quality of their lives. From any one who suffers from depression to anyone who wants to improve any area of their life. I believe, when someone really decides to change, there is a moment where there was a spark, a wakeup call or an ignition where they decide that's enough. And they decide to do something about their problems. I want my website to do just that, be the igniter.

So for anyone who is depressed I would have motivational videos from youtube, inspiring stories, refer them to extraordinary people like Tony Robbins or to anything like self-help books, program, etc

And for those who just want to improve their life I would refer them to other websites or books, audio program, life coaching, WealthyAffiliate University, etc. I might also do book reviews or stuff like that.

In the future, I also plan to make this website a community in the future when I will have enough visitors. I think about things like: where people could write the date, start a new journey and write down their success stories. They would have a profile and also, be able to chat with other members, ask for help and where people would support each other. Where they would feel proud, encouraged and feel accepted. Then realize that everything can be achievable if they're willing put some efforts.

These are names I have found that I also like:

Live in pride - New life ahead - Sculpt your destiny - I build my life - I create my own life - Thrive on pride - Alive and proud - Self resources - Reach your heart - joy igniter/ignition - Live another way

Thank you so much for the great names so far

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Keyword suggestions: happiness / joy / life / lift / live / mind / new / proud / quality / resources / spark / success

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