Fashion-Forward Engagement Ring Shop

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Fashion-Forward Engagement Ring Shop

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A new shop to discover fashion-forward and unique, yet timeless, engagement rings. Our hand-selected designs from local and independent jewelers will embody the style and spirit of the creative couples looking to for engagement rings that can act as an extension of themselves and not the mass market ring out there.

As for naming, I like the following advice /options :

Create, Combine or Repurpose

  • Repurpose existing words, such as Polo, Chipotle or Blue Bottle Coffee.

  • Combine two words or word fragments to create a new word, such as GrubHub, Birchbox or HotelTonight.

  • Create an entirely new word, such as Zynga, Etsy or Zillow.

The Name Test

Is it memorable?

You want a name that is easy to say, spell and type. Test this by telling 20 people the name and asking them to write it down. If any of them spell it incorrectly, move on to your next option.

Is it thematic?

Does the name relate to your product or market? With HotelTonight, that’s obviously the case. But with created names, you have to work harder, creating a backstory that explains why the name is thematically relevant. Zillow, for example, stands for “zillions of pillows” – explaining why it is the name for a comprehensive real estate search service.

Is it unbounded?

Ideally you want a name that can extend to other product lines or categories. The founders of ModCloth, Susan and Eric, were originally focused on incorporating the term “vintage” into the company’s name. Some of the abandoned names they considered were and (just two out of several hundred possible names). By choosing ModCloth, they gave themselves license to do more modern clothing as well as vintage, thereby not capping their business growth opportunities.

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existing company names I like: lululemon, onekingslane, ofakind, refinery29, fab

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