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Company/Product Review Site With Social Element

Domain Name Contest created 5 years ago


Company/Product Review Site With Social Element

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At a high level, I'm creating an online platform (website, multi-platform apps) that couples reviews (think Yelp) with social networking (think Twitter). The company is not only B2C, but B2B in the sense that companies can sign up to use our software to mine the data of what people are saying about them and push out offers, promotions, messages, etc. to consumers. It will help bridge the communication gap between companies and consumers.

As for a company name, I'm looking for the following:

1) Catchy 2) Short 3) Easy to spell 4) NOT have "social" "reviews" or anything like that in the name as I want to name of the company to be a brand in an of itself, not just fully describe what the app does 5) Techy and very web 3.0 6) I like many of the creative tech names like Twitter, Skype, Google, Yelp etc. where the brand turns into a verb to describe a users' action. I also like plays on animals and catchy phrases that combine two short words, like TaskRabbit, WildFire, TechCrunch, etc.

Domain Name:
Only available domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: bridge burst gab mind say speak tell vocal voice crowd mob surge herd flock jam pack spark fire spur shift
Twitter, Skype, Google, Yelp, TaskRabbit, WildFire, TechCrunch
Words to Avoid:
Review, Social

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