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Job Pairing Website (Help More Names Please!)

Domain Name Contest created 6 years ago


Job Pairing Website (Help More Names Please!)

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Hello All! I am looking for help in naming a new social networking type website I am interesting in pursuing. The high level explanation is it will be a website that pairs job seekers with companies based on what is important to them in a companies corporate culture.

I would like the name to be fairly short but I won't place a restriction on character length. No strange characters including hyphens. I would consider a number but most likely would stray from it.

Some ideas that I have played with are making plays on work phrases like Hardly Working, Just Over Broke, Nine 2 5, etc.. I also would be interested in names that have to do with matching or pairing or make a play on that type of name. Lastly a name dealing with some type of work or job dna would be great as well (ex. play on helix or double helix).

Please make the name current and social network/startup sounding.

Also make sure that the name has a .com and it would be even better if you use http://namevine.com/ ... The .com is the most crucial and having as many of the social networks free as possible is definitely a plus but I won't set a limit there either as those can be smoothed out.

Just to be clear I don't really want the word job in the title it makes the name seem very generic. Here are some names I came up with that I kind of liked but were taken to give you a sense of kinda what i am looking for, however if you can find some type of eharmony name or something related to work dna that is catchy as well please do try that route as well:

  • OnTheClock
  • JustOverBroke
  • Nine2Five
  • HardlyWorking
  • YoureHired
  • PlaceMe
  • BeyondTheCube


Thanks everyone for your entries in advance and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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Keyword suggestions: corporate culture dna helix job matching pairing phrases relationship social work

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