Online Video-Making Service. Consumer Target.

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Online Video-Making Service. Consumer Target.

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All online service, no bricks and mortar outlets. This business provides a way for individuals to upload video footage, still photos, and other media and in a couple days get back a fun, meaningful short video that they can play at their celebratory event. Could be for a wedding reception, going away party, retiring from the company, birthday etc.

Name should be short and domain friendly. A name for the net age, but memorable. Doesn't have to be literal, but should make sense in context of product offering. e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc. When you see it, the name makes sense. Easily memorable. No odd spellings.

Any name that gets at the fun, wowing, or meaningful personal aspects of the screening occasion might be particularly relevant. Also names that stress ease of use might be good.

Thank you and have fun.

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Keyword suggestions: Applause Crowdpleaser Easy Entertaining Fun Hit Image Impressive Meaningful Memories Occasion-Maker Personal Show Video Wow

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