Marketing and Distribution Company

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Marketing and Distribution Company

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  • the website / company market local businesses to other businesses and consumers.
  • the local businesses are unique i.e. only one provider per profession and are vetted for excellent customer service.
  • we get the database / customers by offering lots of money saving discounts to consumers as well as community information and events, competitions and by providing education on creating business and wealth opportunities
  • our website / marketing messages should be focused 80% on consumers and 20% on local businesses
  • the company pools resources from local businesses to get the best online and offline marketing / advertising for them
  • over all theme is if we work together we can achieve more
  • consumers and local businesses come on board to support, small and local business rather than feeding large chain stores.

We need something really zappy / easy to remember but easy to spell ...

Social fusion Local fusion Meet small Small fusion Fuse small Lobby small Small social Connect small Local connect Wake local Wake small Boost local Seek small Small arena Linkup Local grid Soci Local Sosho Sociotto Local roots

Preferably one or 2 words - perhaps a made up word.

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: best business businesses competitions local recommended roots savings shop small
shop small, local social
Words to Avoid:


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