Proofreading and Copy-Editing Company

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Proofreading and Copy-Editing Company

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I require people to come up with a short, brandable and memorable domain name for a proofreading and copy-editing website I will be launching very soon.

Words are my talent but I have already wasted half a day on this task. I haven't tried everything but I have tried common ways, obscure ways and random ways.

You: - Must have the ability to think outside the box - Must be tough (handle rejection)

Must: - Ensure the word 'word' or 'wordy' or "wordo" is in the domain name. Ideally at the front. - If you are a very creative person then you can try a word or words that are not mentioned above. - However ideally I would like one of these words in the domain name. - Keep it under 10 characters (ideally). - Make it brandable and memorable.

You are dealing in what I believe to be the toughest of markets. Copywriters, editors and proofreaders are talented when it comes to choosing good domain names (that's why you must think outside the box).

So you know what I like: Google "copyediting services" and look at the first result. These guys are the market leaders. They have a nice simple user-friendly website but more importantly their website is short, brandable and memorable. I do not want the domain name to be anything like theirs.

My Website: Will be a .com. I will copy-edit and proofread in American English, British English and Australian English.

Thank you for entering and good luck!

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: word wordy wordo copy editing proofreading pen


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