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We are looking for a catchy meaningful name for a sports bar brand, to be located in 4 and 5-star hotels in Dubai. We plan to launch multiple outlets over the next 2 - 3 years under the same brand. As such, the name needs to be very unique, catchy and "brandable". The outlets will have an industrial themed decor and will usually be small (800 - 1200 square feet in size). Outlets will have high-quality TVs that screen all live sports (cricket, football, F1, tennis, NBA, etc.) The bar will serve a good selection of draught beer along with finger food / casual food such as burgers, wings, sides, etc.. We love names that can invoke powerful emotions associated with sports. Some examples that we "like" are - The Locker Room, Dugout, etc. As mentioned above, the name needs to be meaningful such that we can build a catchy concept around it. We are not particularly keen on names such as Bar 63, Pete's Tavern, etc. (These names are decent, yet don't mean much from a sports bar concept perspective). Moreover, the theme of the outlet is industrial - so obviously english / irish pub sounding names may not go well too. Availability of .com domain is not critical - however, it is important to ensure the same name doesn't exist for a sports bar in Dubai / Middle East.

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