In-Home Martial Arts and Fitness Training

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In-Home Martial Arts and Fitness Training

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I am going into business offering in-home martial arts and fitness training in Los Angeles county. Specializing in personalized fitness, martial arts, self-defense, mma, kung-fu, kempo, karate and juijitsu. I'm a very personable and professional trainer so it has to live up to a pretty high standard.

Just to expand for everyone a little... My training is very strongly rooted in martial arts. I've taught in a dojo for 9 years and the disciplines, traditions and mind-body-spirit connection you gain from more traditional training is a very big part of what my clients will be after. They will also want fitness for general health and self-esteem. Lastly, there is quite a desire for practical self-defense and my training style if very good for this as well.


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