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Brand Name Needed for

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I am creating an online social network/community for people to share their life goals (bucket list type goals) with friends and help each other identify and achieve them together.

A member would sign up and list some of their life goals, which would then link with other friends in their network. We would inform them of their shared goal and provide them with details, articles and links on the next step of making it happen.

The brand needs to conjur up the idea of getting the best out of your life, whatever it is that drives you. To look back on your life with a sense of accomplishment. It also needs to have a strong social element as this is the focal point of the site - to get friends to share goals and help each other achieve them.

My working slogan is Get Busy Living.

I've hit a brick wall and I'm open to all suggestions - but the key aspects of the website are the sharing of life goals with friends, and the idea of helping each other life a more exciting life.

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Keyword suggestions: action dreams epic friends goals life mates


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