Relationship Advice Website for Women Over 40

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Relationship Advice Website for Women Over 40

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A website for women over 40 who are in a relationship that isn't working well who feel disconnected, alone, frustrated, unheard and unloved - who want to improve the relationship or even get out of it. The website offers the way to bring them closer together, ways to connect, to deal with conflict etc and to help the woman know what she wants and communicate it to their partner in a way that invites connection again. To have a long and lasting relationship together if possible. To fulfill the dream of a supportive and mutually caring partnership.

This website speaks to the woman directly and intimately to address her wants and concerns. She wants to love and be loved and be confident to make change herself. Who wants to be her true self and still be loved.

The feel is modern woman, strong and courageous - not overly romantic - practical and honest and direct.

Can be a semi-quirky name that attracts attention or that has humour but which still has the idea within it. Can also be a long title with up to 5/6 words that tells a story (eg Catch Him and Keep him)

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Keyword suggestions: advice attract/attraction catch closeness connect/connection free ingnite love/loved relationship spark trust
Connected and Happy, Ignite Your Relationship - both a bit boring. Love Toolkit - but sounds like sex toys. Catch Him and Keep Him.
Words to Avoid:


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