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Food Blog

Domain Name Contest created 2 months ago

Food Blog

Domain Name Contest created 2 months ago

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I have a recipe blog where I share health recipes. Several are southern but usually my southern recipes are lighter or healthier. I share recipes that use real ingredients and less than 10 ingredients. Target audience is people on same journey of trying to switch from junky eating to real, whole, foods. My last name is King. I’d love to incorporate that if it’s clever and not too obvious (not like King’s Kitchen or something too obvious like that). Some of my favorite blog names out there are: My Darling Lemon Thyme, The Toasted Pine Nut, Eating Bird Food, Root & Revel, Deliciously Ella, things that are catchy, trendy, and clever and tell their audience it’s a health food blog. Some random words that I like: Gather, table, lemon, vine, harvest, roots, mint, honey

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