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Legal Help for Artists & Independent Businesses

Name Contest created 2 years ago


Legal Help for Artists & Independent Businesses

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When a small business receives a cease and desist letter, is on the wrong end of a meritless lawsuit, or simply faces a legal question or hurdle it can't overcome, too often it is forced to give up - not because the business is in the wrong, but because they don't have the same resources as the big guys. We're here to change that. We offer an accessible legal lifeline to artists, authors, dancers, musicians, photographers, craft makers, inventors, nonprofits, and those brave entrepreneurs who took the chance to do what they love, and chose passion over profit.

Themes that fit include David vs Goliath, the Mighty Oak, and other small but mighty imagery.

We need it to be both inspiring and clever, with enough seriousness to represent a law firm. It needs to have enough legitimacy/gravitas to be on law firm letterhead and court documents.

I especially like names inspired by literature, art, poetry, history, or myth.

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Keyword suggestions: law center justice aspire balance creative advocate

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