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Product Name/Change

Domain Name Contest created 5 years ago


Product Name/Change

Pick the Perfect Name

NES Company needs to create a new name for a sports supplement product. This product is designed to increase muscle development, increase strength, reduce body fat, increase energy, improve recovery from exercise; We dont not want to use a name that the word-anabolic or 'sterols' the current name is Tribustol w/ tribustol.com/domain name.

The new name is should include the availability of the domain name at .com

We would like the new name not to infringed w/ any trademark/copyrights names in the industry.

The product design is based on vitamins-key point is these vitamins are referred to as "Ortho nutrients" in the body. Many medical products use the word "ortho" in describing/naming medications. So we do like the ortho prefix attached to a product name. WE do like technical names that can refer to 'muscle' for instance a company created a very good product name called "Met-Rx" We would like a more medical or sophisticated name relating to a natural product, that's not too complicated to pronounce.

Domain Name:
Only available domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: improves nutrients ortho performance training vitamins
Met Rx, Cyto Charge, Myosin products, Cellucor, Meta products
Words to Avoid:
Anabol,anabolic, sterols

Winner: Musculix.com

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